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My daily poem board. This series is a parallel project to one started in Wolfville in March 2020. My project is curated by myself, a non-poet recognizing how much poetry can reflect and speak to our current times. On August 14, Day #123, I posted my last physical piece, "Cantus - from Poems on the Underground". The online submissions will continue, at least for now.

Poetry brings us together.

Update Mar 2021: My poem board was removed and dismantled in September 2020. I don't know if it will start up again, but I will keep this website up as a testament to how poetry can impact us and help us in strange, difficult times.

This is a daily poem opportunity.

Starting April 13, I created a poem board out of reclaimed plywood and plastic coroplast and mounted it on the corner of my yard. As I live in a small rural area, I decided to share these daily poems online in hope of bringing some external reflection on these strange, difficult times of global pandemic and uncertainty.

I do not claim to be an expert or scholar in poetry. I try to use poems written in English, so as to avoid any translation or interpretation bias, and the poems I choose must fit into the relatively small space I have available on my board - excerpts bring their own specific biases, whether intentional or not. Online, though, I share the full poem wherever possible.

I hope you enjoy. If you like sorting through new emails, feel free to subscribe to receive new daily poems by email. Or not, it's up to you. I don't know how long this project will continue, but I hope it will bring reflection, a laugh, or a pause.

Cheers and stay well,


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