Lockdown Poem

By Amari, age 7, in Scotland. Played on BBC Scotland’s The Nine on May 7, 2020 (see end of this post for video link).

I’ll tell yous a’ something
To yous frae wee me.
I’ve been tellt to stay in
And I’m no longer free.
But what’s just going on
I’m no sure at a’,
Something about a virus
So I heard off ma Ma.
I’ll take her word for it
And dae what I’m told
Stay oot in the garden
And be as good as gold
But when the lockdown is lifted
And stayin’ in isnae a must
I’ll tell you something, petal,
You’ll no see me for dust.
I’ll be out on my bike,
Whizzing past you in the street
As you’re going to the pub
Or getting something to eat
It’ll no be long noo until
You’re a’ back out there
Me playing, you drinking
and falling off your chair.

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