From “In Your Crib”

By Austin Clarke, 1934-2016, Barbados/Canada.

The suddenness in the changing of the colour,
the luscious green of spring and summer,
and putting on of an overcoat of golden leaves
fallen from the maturity of growth and old age.
Look up; send your glance to the apex of the limbs;
and see the silent declaration in the swifted-up expulsion:
the children of the maples, as you count
the days in your life, will pass through
before summer and light, and love, and you shall walk
on the same threading buds and flowers
bursting through the rectangular cement squares
you hop from, like in the game of scotch,
exclaiming in a new joy and wonder,
that you are now, living amongst neighbours
who see only, the colour of your heart.

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